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I love to laugh and I love to cry -- sometimes at the same time -- and I love to make you do the same. I'm an actress-slash-writer-slash standup comic.  I came at this game a little ass-backwards: first writing, then I caught the acting bug which, truth be told, I had all along, I was just too young and afraid to 'act' on it. Now I'm going full-tilt on all fronts, as the multi-hyphenate that I am, and I am thrilled to share my work with you.

Where can you see me? Well, I'll tell you where!

Jessica CF V1.png

This is my first Top-of-Show Guest Star, and I'm super excited about it. The cast and crew were wonderful, and I think it's going to be a great episode. I'll be having a viewing party, (and maybe even creating a signature cocktail called "On Fire". What do you think?)


SURVIVE THE NIGHT is  now streaming on Netflix! It's also on Amazon. I play the wife of none other than Bruce Willis! What a joy it was to work with him, and all the other cast members. Director Matt Eskandari was a dream director and accomplished the impossible, shooting an action movie in a very short amount of time. 

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